Soul Coin
A Binding Witch Tale

Orphaned Indira Valaithan grew up practicing Kalaripayattu day and night and by age fifteen, became the first female instructor in a male-dominated sport and the pride of her adopted father's eye. 

But a series of murders involving a rare coin-just like one Indira was found with as a child-tear her away from her responsibilities and take her on a nighttime hunt through Kerala for answers about her past.

Forced to choose between giving up her coin and learning her birth family’s fate, her ultimate decision binds her to a path that will rule her fate-forever.

A fast-paced urban fantasy, Soul Coin tells Indira's story.
To see Indira again, check out the other books in the Kate Roark Magic Series, starting with The Binding Witch and the Fortune Taker, available for FREE on Amazon. 

Praise for the Kate Roark Magic Series

“Kate is a delight to read – strong and brave, but with a lot to learn about life, love, and magic. Joining in her victories and misadventures is pure fun.”

– Annette Moncheri, author of Madame’s Murder Mysteries

“Kate is a shrewd teenage girl snarking her way through magic and misfortune when she realizes Renfest patrons are being altered into mindless consumers by the eerie fortune teller next door. I couldn’t put this down. It’s a wonderful introduction to the Kate Roark Series.”
– Shannon Tierney, author of Another Mouth to Feed

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